Laser and Ultrasound

With a variety of projects pertaining to medical diagnostics, the Ultrasound Lab at IBTec serves to be one of the important facilities available here. The idea is to nurture an interdisciplinary research environment by coupling theoretical technology innovation with clinical assessments.

Tissue and Animal

This facility consists of two areas with atmospherically-controlled conditions (Temperature and Humidity are constantly monitored). One area is sub divided into two rooms which can house up to 200 small laboratory animals in different stages for breeding and experimental purposes. The second area corresponds to a surgical area, were different pre-approved experimental protocols can be performed.

Material and Polymer

The Materials and Polymer Group undertakes fundamental, applied and industrially-focused research on synthetic composite materials, smart materials and structures and biomaterials. It also undertakes research in the areas of manufacturing processes, material and experimental characterisation. The group has a range of testing and analysis capabilities.

Biomedical Science

This research area covers: 1) Identifying novel targets for the treatment of diabetic complications, including heart failure and nephropathy; 2) Use of MRI technology to identify diabetes risk factors in different ethnicities; 3) Finding natural compounds from New Zealand marine organisms for the treatment of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.


Our sleeping room serves as a lab intended for sleep studies on lung sounds imposed by pulmonary diseases. It provides state-of-the-art instrumentation to support research in IBTec, helping researchers carry out overnight sleep testing.