Our research

IBTEC aims to contribute and deliver research around biomedical technologies with a particular focus on technologies that can reduce the burden of chronic health loss from disease and disability both in New Zealand and globally. Our projects are organised around several key research programmes / themes with individual projects contributing to the further development of each of these themes.

Research themes

Physiological monitoring

Learn about our research into technologies that aid and enhance physiological monitoring of human vital signs and activities.


This long-term research programme looks at developing low-cost technologies to allow more effective general practice consultations at home.

Rehabilitative Technology

This research is around the development of rehabilitative technologies that can help diagnosis and recovery from conditions like stroke and TBI.

Human Phantom Technology

Using phantoms mimicking human physiology, we can develop and test biomedical technologies before the clinical study stage.

AUT tech start-up develops breakthrough

RespirAq, an AUT tech spinout, has recently been granted breakthrough device designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Active Humidifier product.

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