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As part of its research, IBTEC has developed expertise and has access to facilities that can be useful to the wider community in both the development of biomedical technology and also in other projects. As part of its vision of developing research capabilities in New Zealand, IBTEC is keen to share this expertise and these facilities with the greater research community. The facilities available at IBTEC are listed below.

Clinical research

A key part of developing biomedical technologies is the ability to perform clinical research to show the effectiveness of the technology, but also to better understand human physiology during the development of the technology.

IBTEC has facilities and experience in performing clinical research as well as expertise in performing physiological measurements on humans such as ECG measurement and pulse wave velocity measurement. The primary clinical lab used by IBTEC is also equipped with an ultrasound machine that allows non-invasive measurements of various parts of human physiology.

If you are interested in the use of our facilities, equipment or expertise, contact us at

Materials testing and biological phantoms

As part of our active research projects, IBTEC has developed phantoms that can mimic various parts of human physiology. These have the ability to mimic both the electrical properties and the mechanical properties of biological tissue and can be useful for performing experiments during the development of biomedical and other technologies.

In the development of these phantom materials, IBTEC has also developed expertise and has access to facilities and equipment that allow both the mechanical testing and electrical testing of these soft materials. This includes a TA.Xtplus Texture Analyser that allows mechanical testing of soft materials as well as equipment that allows impedance testing of materials that have similar conductivity to human tissue.

If you are interested in the use of our facilities, equipment or expertise, contact us at

Undergraduate projects

IBTEC offers final year undergraduate projects to students of both the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Engineering Technology degrees. Contact us for more information.


Postgraduate opportunities

IBTEC offers postgraduate opportunities and projects under both the Master of Engineering (ME) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes at AUT.

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