Physiological Monitoring

A key area of expertise in IBTEC is the development of technologies that aid and enhance physiological monitoring of human vital signs and activities.

These technologies take many forms from technologies and techniques that allow clinicians to better monitor patients to smart devices that allow at home monitoring of health. A key strength of IBTEC is particularly around the physiological monitoring of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Current projects

Accurately measuring electrical signals of the brain, heart or muscles normally requires careful preparation to apply electrodes. Imagine the possibilities if clinical-grade measurements were available in the real world. We are researching technology for a range of NZ companies to achieve easy-to-use, motion tolerant, long-term, high-fidelity, bio-electric sensing.

Research team


  • Andrew Lowe (Lead)
  • Matthew Kuo
  • Ekta Dahiha
  • Mahdi Heidarian
  • Gautam Anand
  • Matt Wilson
  • Tet Chuan Lee
  • Grant Mawston
  • Mayuresh Kulkarni
  • Anubha Kalra
  • Hamid GholamHosseini
  • Matin Khalili

University of Auckland

  • David Budgett
  • Sharad Paul

Callaghan Innovation

  • Mike Arnold
  • Ihab Sinno
  • Frederic Lecarpentier
  • Andreas Zeller
  • Harrison Jones

NZ Brain Research Institute

  • Richard Jones

A key challenge facing New Zealand and the rest of the world is the growing burden of cardiovascular disease and its complications. Cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke are now the leading cause of mortality and disease burden globally. A key part of assessing cardiovascular risk is accurate measurement of human blood pressure but current devices for automatic blood pressure measurement still suffer from significant measurement errors.

This project aims to develop new technologies to perform these blood pressure measurements more accurately to allow better diagnosis and assessment of cardiovascular risk.

Research team


  • Andrew Lowe (Lead)
  • Tet Chuan Lee
  • Mayuresh Kulkarni
  • Tanvi Chandel
  • Victor Miranda
  • Amit Patel

University of Auckland

  • Martyn Nash
  • Poul Nielsen

Our research themes

Research at IBTec is split into a number of research areas.

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